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The Big Gender Short in Investment Management

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Experienced practitioners Ellen Carr & Katrina Dudley discuss practical, actionable strategies that companies can deploy to increase diversity in knowledge-based professions.

While Undiversified focuses on the investment management industry, Carr & Dudley discovered in the course of their research that their themes ring true across multiple industries.

Carr & Dudley's book makes an impassioned case that women can play a role in revitalizing an industry under siege, with implications well beyond investment management itself. As allocators of capital become more diverse, their increased breadth of perspectives will lead to more equitable fund-raising--and higher returns for all of us who entrust our money to them.

In Undiversified, experienced practitioners Ellen Carr & Katrina Dudley examine the lack of women in investment management and propose solutions to improve the imbalance. They explore the barriers that subtly but effectively discourage women from entering and staying in the industry at each point in the pipeline. At the entry level, the lack of visible role models discourages students from considering the field, and those who do embark on an investment

management career face many obstacles to retention and promotion.

Undiversified makes a compelling case that

increasing the number of women could help transform active investment management at a time

when it is under threat from passive strategies and technological innovation.



Carr & Dudley have presented their findings in multiple forums.



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